Best Part of Cyprus for Families: Choose the Perfect Holiday Destination

Posted in Places on October 13th, 2018

The best part of Cyprus for families is the south of the island. Larnaca, Limassol, Ayia Napa, and Pathos all offer a multitude of fun activities for kids and adults. The majority of Cyprus resorts are family-friendly by default. However, resorts and hotels in this part of the island often feature extra facilities for children’s entertainment. A holiday on the island is sure to be unforgettable for the family because there are so many great things to enjoy. Sunny beaches with soft sand give way to some interesting museums and historic monuments, which stand alongside modern entertainment centers. There is something in Cyprus for everyone, regardless of whether you like wild rides on dirt bikes or diving to see a sunken ship.

Best Part of Cyprus for Families: Places to Stay and Things to Do

Family Holiday in Larnaca

Larnaca is the best part of Cyprus for families with several kids of different ages. That’s because it offers a great number of diverse attractions and activities. Those are available for parents as well. You also have an option to leave your kids to mingle with peers in a supervised facility to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

There are adventure parks and playgrounds for smaller kids with a few options for toddlers. Many of these are fit for a variety of ages, so they will be a good choice for families on a holiday in Cyprus. These options include:

  • Lucky Star Park.
    Fun for the entire family. This park is big and has many attractions and activities, including a shooting range, rollercoasters, and water rides. There is also an arcade and some easy fun for younger kids.

  • WOW Action Park.
    WOW Action Park is an indoor facility, so you can go there on a too hot or rainy day. There are trampolines, climbing walls, and many other ways for kids to enjoy active play.

  • Municipal Gardens.
    Municipal Gardens are one of the main reasons why Larnaca is the best part of Cyprus for families. This is not only a beautiful park that shows off the wealth of local nature. The park houses two big playgrounds for kids of any age as well as the Municipal Museum of Natural History.

  • Fun Factory.
    Fun Factory is an indoor place for children to have fun with adult supervision. This is where parents of young kids should go when they are looking to get some time for themselves.

  • Ciokoland.
    Ciokoland is similar to Fun Factory and it’s styled after everyone’s favorite sweet, chocolate. There are also a toy and sweet stores in the mix.

  • Central Water Sports.
    Central Water Sports is a part of the CTO Beach. It’s one of the best Cyprus beaches for families. The waterpark offers many activities, including rides of hydracycles and banana boats.

The reason why Larnaca is the best part of Cyprus for families looking to have fun is that these are only a few fun places it offers. There are also many historical monuments and museums as Larnaca is the oldest city on the island.

You can also enjoy unique activities and tours. For that you’ll need to visit Camel-Park, Kition Planetarium & Observatory, Golden Donkeys Farm, and Quad Bike Safari.

Family Holiday in Paphos

Pathos is the best part of Cyprus for families that want to relax and simply enjoy the beaches. There are some activities to keep you entertained when you want some action. However, the main attractions of the area are some of the best family-friendly Cyprus hotels and beaches.

Coral Bay resorts, located in the area, are the very best for peaceful relaxation that the island has to offer. Many of them are all-inclusive and have playgrounds for kids that are like small amusement parks.

When you are ready to move from the luxuriously soft sand and crystal-clear water of the beaches, you should visit:

One of the biggest and most beautiful waterparks on the island.

  • Nick’s Watersports Centre.
    Located on the premises of one of the best Cyprus hotels, Nick’s Watersports is where you go for more active water fun. Adrenalin-boosters like parachuting and water-skiing are also available.

  • Pafos Zoo.
    A big zoo with over a thousand species and many additional activities.

  • Looney Land.
    Great playground for younger kids where they are supervised.

  • Paphos Forest.
    The name says it all. The forest is a good place for afternoon walks on scorching hot summer days.

Some of the best activities for families to enjoy in Pathos are horse riding and Atlantis Cruises.

Family Holiday in Limassol

Despite being a large city (by the island standards, which means not large at all) Limassol is the best part of Cyprus for families with children. The city and its nearby areas house some of the best attractions for kids of all ages. These range from extreme activities, like dirt bike rides to toddler playparks.

The must-visit places for families in Limassol include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Municipal Park.
    The park is a popular venue for various events and has playgrounds for kids and an open theater. There is also the Limassol Zoo with an impressive collection of animals.

  • Sayious Adventure Park.
    This is the place for families who enjoy extreme activities, like drift GoKarting and paintball. There is a variety of extreme rides available for parents with kids over 8.

  • Fasouri Watermania Waterpark.
    This waterpark is fun for the whole family from pools for the youngest children to cool waterslides and relaxing spa services.

  • Oasis Luna Park.
    Oasis is the place for classic amusement park rides and attractions. It’s located in the center of the city and offers families a chance to relax and have a meal while having fun.

  • Arizona Luna Park.

This entertainment park is a place where older kids and adults will have most fun. However, there are a few activities for the youngest members of the family as well.

Limassol is a big port city, so everyone with love for ships will find many to admire here. It’s also the house of two very interesting Cyprus museums, Cyprus Theater Museum and Archimedes Museum.

Family Holiday in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is the best place in Cyprus for families and couples, and solo travelers, and generally is the best. It has everything to offer in ways of entertainment to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to relax in luxury Cyprus beach resorts or want to sail on a pirate ship. Here you’ll get all of it and more.

Things you should do here include:

Ayia Napa also has some of the best beaches, hotels, restaurants, and clubs in Cyprus.

What Is the Best Part of Cyprus for Families?

Nearly any place on the south of the island is a great family holiday destination in Cyprus. Pathos is better for those who want to enjoy luxury Cyprus holiday resorts, while Ayia Napa is for those who want more unique and fun activities. It will be best to choose one of the many family-friendly Cyprus hotels near the attractions you want to visit most.