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Best Way to Take Money to Cyprus: Cards or Cash?

The best way to take money to Cyprus is via a prepaid card. Taking cash also has its benefits, but cards are ultimately the safest option. As the sole
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How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in Cyprus?

If you want to get married in Cyprus, the cost can be lower than €5,000. That number includes a week’s accommodation for the couple and their guests (up to
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Changing Money in Cyprus: How to Save More of Your Holiday Funds

Changing money in Cyprus because everything on the island is designed to make it a great place for tourists. This means that you can find banks, shops, and ATMs
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What Is the Cheapest Time to Go to Cyprus?

The cheapest time to go to Cyprus is winter. It’s closely followed by early spring and late autumn. They say the best time to come to Cyprus is May-September.
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