Unearthing Some of The Best Cities in Cyprus

If you’re a tourist looking to explore the island of Cyprus at its best, there are a wealth of cities which are perfect for visiting. One of the most stunning of backdrops, this beloved Mediterranean Island is the place to a discover many of Cyprus’ best kept hidden secrets. For those wishing to combine, sand, sea, shopping, sights, and history, these are some of the perfect destinations for you.

Paphos – Referred to as the birthplace of Aphrodite.

The town of Paphos has two contrasting parts – the lower area is the more traditional and more abundant in ruins and well-known landmarks, and the upper area is a somewhat commercial aspect full of shops and restaurants. Located on the Southwestern tip of the island, this is a trendy tourist destination for many.

Kyrenia – A port town where culture, history, and nature are aplenty.

Step back in time into Kyrenia’s cobblestoned old town, local cafes, restaurants and areas of interest. Great for those searching for something old school and real-time Cyprus, this area is rich in culture and known as the Jewel of Cyprus. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the horseshoe-shaped harbor which supplies local restaurants in abundance with fresh food.

Nicosia – Experience Northern Cyprus city life at its busiest.

One of the largest cities on the island, the hustle and bustle of the cultural town of Nicosia is a more populated destination in Northern Cyprus. Combining a mixture of vibrancy, a wealth of division and a rich history, Nicosia is one of the remaining capitals in the world which is currently divided by military, with every visitor today still passing through a city checkpoint to cross it!

Troodos Mountains – Stunning outdoor recreation opportunities.

Considered the destination for outdoor lovers, the Troodos Mountains are located on the Southwest of the Island and tower over some of the most beautiful and detailed landmarks which you can access during your visit here. With miles of trails climbing the mountains and additional foothills, there are stunning views to take in on your hike including waterfalls and medieval bridges as you ascend.

Limassol – The largest urban destination at its best.

Next to Nicosia, Limassol is the second largest city on the island. Once a major seaport, tourists now flock here looking for sun, sea and the accompanying nightlife! An old town in appearance, visitors can tour Limassol’s magnificent castle and stroll along the stunning marina taking in the breathtaking collection of luxury yachts regularly docked here.

Karpaz – The edge of the Island famed for its deep blue waters.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed day out, the beach at Karpaz is a perfect pit-stop just to stop and watch the world go by. This vast area of the island offers all visitors chance to either explore the natural beauty and surroundings or perhaps spend the entire day hiking it; such is its hidden depth.

Protaras – A showcase of the most beautiful beaches.

Known as destination relaxation, Protaras is famed as the most popular coastal resort in Cyprus. The place where many visitors flock to the refreshing waters to take a dip in the stunning blue seas and then set up for the remainder of the day on a sunbed, visitors can also sample the delights of the local cocktails as they take in the splendor.

Famagusta- Sample Cyprus living as in days gone by.

For the more arts and crafts of tourists, this old walled city allows visitors to experience life the old way on the Island, with craftsman dotted all around the area still offering copper, pottery and jewelry made the old-fashioned way. With plenty a historical treasure to devour this area is the more unspoiled section of land, left to its own devices and scarcely populated.

Larnaca – The oldest city on the island.

Many visitors to Cyprus pass through this city on route to the airport while failing to realize that Larnaca has, in fact, an impressive history spanning over 6,000 remarkable years! With so much to offer tourists, this is the place for all history lovers to explore some incredibly individual churches.

Guzelyurt – A food lovers paradise.

Those with inquisitive palates will love this most natural and fertile agriculture section of land on the island. Translated as the beautiful place, Guzelyurt, is a town which is famed for its produce including citrus fruits and strawberries all due to its most fertile red soil.

Akamas Peninsula – Off the beaten track.


If you’re looking to discover some of the off-beaten paths of Cyprus, Akamas Peninsula is the perfect isolated spot for you. Amazingly enough, this area of the island’s western tip has no paved roads whatsoever! Whether you want to hike or mountain bike, this is a stunning but least-inhabited place of historical exploration and a haven of wildlife.

Ayia Napa – A clubbers paradise!

Finally, if it’s a purely vibrant and never-ending nightlife that you’re after instead on your Cyprus travels, look no further than the famous nightclub destination of Ayia Napa. With bars and clubs galore open until the very small hours each morning, this is the place that many 18-30 years old’s flock to experience a wealth of vibrancy and atmosphere unlike any other.