Because Cyprus is a stunning island with lots to explore, thousands of tourists like to take to their bikes and discover the great outdoors on two wheels! With a considerable popularity of cyclists on the island, there are many designated trails, routes and even guided tours for those to cycle routinely.

Whether you’re a beginner or occasional cycler, a more experienced one, or even a family and larger group wishing to approach the island from a different viewpoint, cycling allows you to take in coastal terrains, mountains, rural and urban areas in quick succession. As the island is free from any strong headwinds, due to its more relaxed climate, cycling throughout Cyprus is a pleasure. The incredible array of districts dotted over the island means you can opt for leisurely cycling or competitive cycling, accessing the designated routes all year round in the process.

From flat routes to steep routes, rocky paths to clay paths, cycling the island allows you to take in the culture and history of the island and see for yourself firsthand the natural element of the many forests, villages, and seafronts up close. With many locations offering cheap and available accommodation on many of the plotted cycle routes, you could even make your time a full cycling vacation.