Cyprus Nightlife Tips: Where to Have the Best Time on the Island

Posted in Nightlife on October 22nd, 2018

These Cyprus nightlife tips will help you find all the best places to have fun while vacationing on the island. As Cyprus is one of the popular party holiday destinations, it has a well-developed nightlife scene. There are many clubs in every town and regular events can keep even the most hardcore partygoers busy.

Cyprus Nightlife Tips for Different Parts of the Island

Ayia Napa Nightlife Tips

Ayia Napa is the capital of nightlife in Cyprus. The only tip you really need for exploring it is which club or bar to visit first. However, there is no right answer for that, because each place here is attractive in its own unique way. Therefore, the best thing to do is to visit them all during your Cyprus holiday.

That won’t be easy, because Ayia Napa has over 20 of clubs and many bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. There you can enjoy a few drinks, live music, and dancing well into the night. This truly is one of the primary holiday destinations in this part of the world because it only goes to sleep around 6 A.M.

To enjoy the best that Ayia Napa nightlife has to offer, be sure to visit:

With dozens of other options available, one of the most useful nightlife tips in Cyprus is to study reviews. Check out what people have to say and talk to them directly to learn more. You should also keep an eye on the party calendar of Ayia Napa so you don’t miss the hottest events of the season.

Larnaca Nightlife Tips

The Larnaca beachside promenade is the center of nightlife in this part of Cyprus. There are nightclubs, discos, cafes, and bars here that are blaring music every night. Some of it comes from DJs and some is played by live performers. There is a melody and atmosphere to fit everyone, so you are sure to have fun.

Any travel guide to Cyprus will tell you that Larnaca is the oldest city on the island. You’ll see this in pieces of ancient architecture and monuments. However, the heart of the city is by no means ‘ancient’. The residents of Larnaca and tourists visiting the city know how to have fun in the best of ways. Some of the city’s nightlife entertainment is the most progressive on the island. Note that this is where the biggest gay bar on Cyprus is located (Secrets Freedom).

Your nightlife tips for Larnaca Cyprus boil down to visiting these places first:

Protaras Nightlife Tips

Protaras is a nice quiet beach town in Cyprus. Nightlife tips for your vacation there are simple, you just need to pull yourself from the nightlife of Ayia Napa. They are located nearby, so the pull will be strong. However, the actual Protaras offers some very interesting places.

The main difference between the clubs and bars of Ayia Napa and Protaras is that the latter have a much more relaxed atmosphere. Nightlife places of interest in Protaras are:

Limassol Nightlife Tips

Limassol is one of the best holiday destinations for families. However, few people realize that it has a rich nightlife as well. This scene in Limassol is very diverse, so you are sure to find unique places to enjoy.

You’ll need to know some special Cyprus nightlife tips to enjoy yourself fully in this city. Those include having a good greasy meal before you go out for the night and not taking many valuables with you. The former will help you prevent a horrific hangover (or at least reduce its intensity). The latter will ensure that you don’t lose anything too important while giving it your all to beach parties and fantastic nightclubs.

Top places to visit in Limassol are:

Paphos Nightlife Tips

Need tips on Cyprus nightlife that’s fun but relaxed and quieter than full-on raves nightclubs can turn into? Paphos is one of the best party holiday destinations for you. The nightlife scene here is fun and exciting, but not too much. It’s a great place for emotional detox where you can simply relax and be yourself at your own pace.

In Paphos you’ll find many cozy and warm cafes, bars, and pubs with a unique atmosphere. There is a lot of music in any style, so you just have to pick the tune you like to decide on a place for the evening.

Places not to miss in Paphos, Cyprus are:

Northern Cyprus Nightlife Tips

The northern Cyprus tips for nightlife aren’t many as well. In fact, only one of them is special, and it states ‘go to Kyrenia’. This is the hottest spot for parties in this part of the island. The scene here is rather versatile, so be you quiet or boisterous, you’ll find the perfect place. Many of these places work through the night, so you can party until dawn.

While on the north shore, pay special attention to bars in Cyprus hotels as they are true masterpieces there. You can also find Cyprus holiday resorts with casinos, shows, and other entertainment fit for Vegas.

The best places to visit in northern Cyprus are:

Final Tips to Enjoy Cyprus Nightlife to the Fullest

Cyprus nightlife is fun and relentless. The island is primarily a party holiday destination, so there are many events for you to enjoy. Be sure to look up music festivals and shown when planning your trip.

No matter where you go on Cyprus, you’ll have some great entertainment options within easy reach.