Whether you’re a passionate diver or you want to experience the thrill that diving offers, nowhere is there a better place to dive than off the coast of Cyprus. With some of the most crystal-clear blue seas wrapped around the island, not only can you experience diving in the stunning Mediterranean seas, but here you’ll have access to some of the best views ever.

If it’s the marine life you’re keen to spot, diving in Cyprus offers you the chance to get up and personal with basking sharks, turtles, octopus, yellow spotted moray eels and all varieties of fish which reside in these seas. There’s also the stunning colors of the coral reef, starfish, and sea cucumbers to spot here. With one of the longest warm seasons in the entire Mediterranean, Cyprus waters remain calm and warm from March through to November, offering plentiful time to explore the sea in all its natural beauty.

You may prefer to explore the ancient history of the island, taking in the many caves, ancient castle ruins, antique pottery pieces scattered along the seabed and even famous shipwrecks that line the bottom of the sea here. With diving centers dotted all over the island, many long-established, whether you are a pro, a beginner, looking for some extra training or just want to experience an adventure unlike any other, nowhere could offer the most perfect conditions around as beautiful and large an island such as Cyprus.