Annual Events and Festivals Taking Place in Cyprus

Every year without fail, Cyprus offers both locals and tourists alike the chance to take part in an excellent variety of events and festivals. Scattered all over the island, this is a great way to experience the country’s rich and fascinating culture and history, while having a great day out in the process.

If you’re looking for the best times to plan your trip to Cyprus, here is a selection of the most popular events and festivals taking place every month of the year.


Limassol Carnival – Coinciding to begin just over eight weeks before Orthodox Easter, this is perhaps one of the island’s liveliest of times! A week-long celebration of serenades, parades with floats, parties, exhibits and even masquerade balls take place all throughout the city, with everyone getting into the party spirit.


Anthestiria – Also known as the flower festival, the island celebrates Anthestiria as a time of marking spring’s return and the natural beauty which it brings with it. Inspired by an Athens ancient festival, flower markets, exhibitions, and shows appear throughout many cities and villages, with the main flower parade also taking place.


Kataklysmos – Also known as the Flood Festival, this takes place fifty days after Orthodox Easter, on the day known as the Holy Spirit. Water is the central theme of this festival, and most events take place near the seafronts and harbors all over the island. With kiosks, food, and dancing galore, there are also concerts and games organized for all to participate in.

Shakespeare at the Kourion Amphitheatre – Every June, local actors present their interpretation of a Shakespeare play, but against the stunning backdrop of the old auditorium, performing outside in the early evening. The aim is to take visitors back in time to how The Bard’s plays were meant to be both delivered and watched!


The Ancient Greek Drama Festival – Held throughout Cyprus theatres, the Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy plays are revisited and modernized for performance. With international theatre companies showcasing their best talent, these plays are presented in Ancient or Modern Greek with an English description of the plot also given to the many thousands of tourists visiting this festival.


Paradise Jazz Festival – Held on a particular weekend during August, the venue of Paradise Place is loved by all, and this festival welcomes local and foreign players. In a site which overlooks a remote and scenic coast, jazz lovers can enjoy spectacular music, good food and use the fantastic bar throughout the event.


Limassol Wine Festival – Taking place in Limassol municipal gardens, this event has been running since 1961. For a small entrance fee, that gives you a bottle of wine, you can sample unlimited wine types from all significant cooperatives and independent producers on the island. An evening event, there’s also a vibrant atmosphere with dance events and folklore music to entertain.


Cyprus International Film Festival – Staged at various venues throughout the island, this festival works to showcase all new talent through both full-length film features and those shorter of films. Successful entrants are named in the programme closer to the time.

Cyprus Rally – Staged in the spectacular surroundings of the Troodos Mountains, this annual rally competition has taken place over four decades and offers instant thrills for all petrol heads and thrill seekers! Divided into road sections and special stages, this is part of the Middle East Rally Championship.


Kypria – Also known as the Annual International Festival of Arts, this is a festival which takes place across Cyprus and is seen as one of the most significant of cultural events on the island. It brings together orchestras, ballet troupes, and theatres from all over the world. Aiming to celebrate the higher caliber of performers, it attracts both locals and tourists alike to celebrate culture. This festival is described as the cultural Jewel of Cyprus. It has even drawn the St Petersburg Theatre Russian Ballet because of its highly esteemed reputation throughout!


Lemesia Considered one of the most important sporting events to take place on the island, Lemesia focuses on professional athletes and the many sporting disciplines. Held over a ten-day period, tourists can discover more about boxing, karate, marathons and shooting at this dedicated event.

Cyprus Is a Remarkable Destination for Authentic Events and Festivals

There’s no doubt that the Cypriots know how to mark an occasion, and if you get the chance to attend any of these events and festivals mentioned above, you’ll get to see this firsthand for yourself! Before you finalize your trip, why not see what dates it coincides with and make the most of the Cyprus way of life?