Tourists take to the waters of the coast of Cyprus to engage in a fishing session that is unlike any other they have experienced anywhere else in the world. This is the place where you can fish in the night, staring up at the stars as you wait for your next bite. Here you can fish in some of the most glorious of clear blue waters, taking in the scenery from the coast at a leisurely pace as you do so.

With an abundance of fish types to be caught, there are several fishing ports you can begin your fishing excursion on and many safe havens to stop at in your fishing boat if you decide to make a day or even week of it! However, if you then decide that you need a more thrilling fishing experience, why not talk to the fishing experts based around the island and discuss chartering a boat to head out and catch some of those livelier of fish instead?

Shark fishing, tuna fishing, and big game fishing are the most popular of fishing trips for many wanting to experience the best of what this Mediterranean Sea has to offer. Why not hire a boat that allows you to sail out in style and make it a day to remember, whether out on your own, with friends, family, or even a dedicated fishing group?