Guide to Top Cyprus Sports Sites

Posted in Sightseeings on August 29th, 2018

Despite the country’s small size, there are many Cyprus sports sites worth a visit for sports fans. The Cypriots are very active and have many clubs that represent the nation in major competitions. Tourists coming for a relaxing Cyprus holiday can enjoy a variety of live sports events as well as practice anything from skiing to paragliding.

Top Cyprus Sports Sites

For Football Fans

Main Cyprus sports sites related to football are the stadiums where you can watch games and learn about clubs. There are over ten stadiums on the island. They might not be big, but considering how tiny the country is, this number is an achievement.

The biggest one is the Pancyprian Gymnastic Association Stadium. It’s located in Nicosia and can fit 22,589 people. It’s the home of Cyprus National Football Team and the biggest Nicosia clubs. This stadium hosts all major games on the island. Makario Stadium, the second biggest in Cyprus, is also located in Nicosia. It often hosts track and field events as well as football games.

Among other Cyprus sports sites relevant for football are the Tsirio Stadium in Limassol, Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium in Larnaca, and GSZ Stadium in Larnaca. All of them are multi-use. This means that aside from football games, they host other sports teams and competitions.

Football is the biggest sport in Cyprus despite the fact that the national team has yet to achieve any significant win. However, this sport is definitely progressing as Cypriot teams from this tiny country managed to get into the Champions League Group Stage. They also got into some other major European championships.

Your source of information on all things football is the Cyprus Football Association. From its website you can learn all about the games taking place in the country. So, all football fans can visit a match during their holiday.

For Rugby Fans

Today the Cyprus National Rugby Union Team holds several records, including the biggest number of consecutive wins. The only major site relevant to rugby is the Stelios Kyriakides Stadium in Paphos. It’s also considered one of the best stadiums in Cyprus because of the great design and location.

For Rally Fan

Cyprus Rally has been on since 1983 and today it’s a part of the ERC and MERC seasons. You can look up the calendar of rally events at the Cyprus Automobile Association website. There are no fixed rally tracks, but the competition takes part on the wild roads of Troodos Mountains. You can see maps for every competition once they are decided.

In 2018, Larnaca hosted the Cyprus rally, but next year it can more to a different city, so stay tuned. The Cyprus Automobile association is based in Limassol and the country’s main automobile-related site, the Cyprus Motor Museum is also located there.

For Paragliding

Paragliding is a new sport for Cyprus. However, due to the extraordinary beauty of the island, it’s sure to become a hit. If you want to witness said beauty from height, paragliding might be the best activity for you.

The best site for this aerial experience is Stavrovouni, where you can glide over the stunning Stavrovouni Monastery. Other notable spots are Vouyies Nord, Castle of Fasoula, and Pissouri.

For Tennis Lovers

Despite the fact nearly every hotel and resort in Cyprus have their own courts, there are no truly notable tennis sites. The only place that can qualify is the National Tennis Center in Nicosia. This is where any major tennis events take place. The center’s construction cost over €1,500,000 and was completed in 2001. It can fit 2000 spectators and has four courts.

For Skiing

If you want to ski in Cyprus, you’ll need to go to Mount Olympus. There are four lifts that can take you to different slopes, all operated by the Cyprus Ski Club, which dates back to 1947. Today it remains the main authority for all things skiing on the island.

The lifts are:

  • Hera: T-bar lift 262m

  • Zeus: chairlift 380m

  • Hermes: T-bar lift 140m

  • Aphrodite: T-bar lift 125m

The love for skiing has been systematically cultivated through school lessons. Today the majority of Cypriots feel as comfortable going down a snowy slope as they do on the sunny beach waiting for them below. The skiing facilities in the mountains are the main Cyprus sports sites during the short winter the island has.

More on Cyprus Sports: Olympics & Future

Cyprus has been consistently sending athletes to the Olympics since 1980. It took decades (until 2012) for the first medal to arrive. However, the country can be proud of its athletes’ achievements.

With both the investments and interest in sports growing steadily, one can expect to see more notable sports sites constructed in the future.