Cyprus is renowned as an island with a story to tell at every destination. Therefore, it’s considered a hiker’s heaven! With such a varied selection of paths to choose from, you can start your hike in one environment and end it in a completely different one altogether, such is the diversity of this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Cyprus encourages hikers to explore coastal areas and take in the many areas of natural beauty, alongside walking some of the more historical sites, inner city routes, and even off-grid tracks. There are so many reasons why people return time and time again to walk the island, mainly because there is something new to see each time and so many routes to walk, it would indeed take many years to accomplish each one!

With the promise of glorious sunshine through much of the year and just a gentle breeze as you set off, there are rugged maintained paths, scented paths, slopes, peninsulas and the gentler of landscapes to attempt and nearly all offer guidance in the way of detailed notes about both the walk and its surrounding area. This island is an area of natural beauty and plays host to lone travelers, couples, family groups, friends and even professional walking groups all year round.