How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in Cyprus?

Posted in Marriage, Money Matters on September 28th, 2018

If you want to get married in Cyprus, the cost can be lower than €5,000. That number includes a week’s accommodation for the couple and their guests (up to 30 people) as well as reception catering and services of a wedding planner. Some of the hotels and resorts that offer Cyprus wedding packages also include nifty extras, like photographer’s services or flower arrangements. And don’t forget that this is one of the upper-scale deals. Getting married in Cyprus can be much cheaper if you take some time to compare offers.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Married in Cyprus?

The cost of a wedding in Cyprus for foreigners varies from about €1,000 to €5,000+. The exact price will depend on the level of luxury you expect from your Cyprus wedding venue. Additional services also affect the cost greatly. There are a few other variable factors, like the number of guests, length of the stay, etc.

One thing you will definitely have to pay is the marriage fee. That can be over €400 because you’ll most likely need to apply for a Special License, which costs €281.90. This is necessary for your wedding to be quick. If you get married in Cyprus at a lower cost, you’ll have to use the regular legal route. This means you can only get married 15 days after the application and you’ll have to reside in Cyprus for at least 20 days. Considering the cost of living and accommodation, this will turn out to be a more expensive option.

Average prices for services usually included in Cyprus wedding packages are:

  • Accommodation for the couple and guests for the week €3,000

  • Reception site €1,000

  • Decorations and flowers €800

  • Photographer €325

  • Food €900

  • Drinks €900

  • Cake €100

As you can see, getting one of the wedding packages Cyprus resorts and hotels offer will cut the total costs. These packages usually include the services of a wedding planner as well. That is essential for all foreigners who get married in Cyprus. The cost of this expert’s services mostly starts at €800.

The overall cost of the wedding package is so low because the hotel/resort basically provides you the wedding venue for free. As this is one of the major expenses in any country, such savings make all the difference. If you weren’t thinking of a destination wedding before, you should definitely start now.

With enough warning, you and your guests should be able to secure cheap flights to Cyprus. From there, the wedding hotel/resort will take care of everything. The only thing you’ll have to do is to relax and prepare for your big day.

One issue with this plan is that when you get married in Cyprus, you might need to hire your own photographer. The person working with the venue might have a style you don’t like. In addition, only a few of the services are included in the package. Therefore, to get a comprehensive photo coverage of your Cyprus wedding fairytale, you’ll need to search for your own photographer.

If you are looking to get married in Cyprus at a lower cost, you’ll need to consider your choice of venue very carefully. Beach weddings can be a great option for romantic couples. You should also find out whether you can remove some services from your wedding package. This will allow for organizing Cyprus weddings on a budget. However, not every hotels/resorts are willing to change their comprehensive packages. Be sure to ask about this before making a commitment.

The number of guests and length of their stay also affect prices. As Cyprus is one of the most popular wedding destinations, you’ll be able to find a place to fit as many people as you need. Smaller groups might feel best by renting a Cyprus villa. Wedding hotels and resorts are the best choices for big parties and those who prioritize pampering. These places have excellent spa centers that any bride must visit.

Why Is Cyprus Popular for Destination Weddings?

The main reason for the island’s popularity is that the cost to get married in Cyprus is so low. It might not seem this way when you think of spending €5,000. However, compare it to the wedding prices in leading countries, like the US (national average is $33,391) or the UK (approximate cost is £30,354). Even when getting married on a budget, you’ll have to pay over £17.000.

Compared to that, the cost to get married in Cyprus doesn’t seem high at all. You also shouldn’t forget that you can cut it down by half or even more. Everything depends on your choices and personal preferences. Of course, you can also bring the prices up if you choose to get married in a 5-star hotel or stay in a luxury villa.

The flexibility of available deals is another important reason why getting married in Cyprus is a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you want to have a small beach wedding or a huge formal reception in an all-inclusive resort. You’ll definitely find something that will make your dreams come true without exceeding your budget.

Destination weddings are getting more popular today due to the rising costs. To get married in Cyprus, you won’t need to spend a fortune unless you explicitly want to do this. This means that you can have the wedding of your dreams while technically abroad. However, your marriage certificate will surely be recognized. The same goes for weddings and civil partnerships procedures that join couples of different religions. Cypriots are very easygoing and accepting people, so you won’t have any trouble here.

The cost you pay to get married in Cyprus is definitely not high, and there are many opportunities to cut it further. Use this chance to start your married life with some money on you instead of a huge debt.