Marriage in Cyprus: Legal Requirements for Foreigners

Posted in Law, Marriage, Wedding on September 22nd, 2018

The legal requirements for foreigners seeking a marriage in Cyprus are very simple. That’s one of the reasons why the island is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. A few documents and the maximum of €400 in fees is all you need to get married in this natural paradise. Cyprus wedding packages will provide you with a great celebration at a reasonable price. You will even get a romantic honeymoon out of this deal.

Legal Requirements for a Marriage in Cyprus for Foreigners

If you plan on getting married in Cyprus, either to a Cypriot or to a foreigner, you’ll need to prepare relevant paperwork:

  • Passport for valid personal identification.

  • Proof of being single (if necessary, you have to include a document that proves your previous marriage or civil partnership are terminated).

  • If one or both of the parties are under 18, they have to provide a father’s written consent to marriage. A mother or a legal guardian can provide this consent only if the father is deceased or otherwise legally incapable of giving it.

  • Proof that the person is free to marry (usually comes in the form of Certificate of No Impediment Marriage).

Please note that the marriage in Cyprus for foreigners can be tricky due to the last legal requirement. In some countries and US states, local authorities do not issue such certificates. To find a way around this issue, you should contact your country’s embassy in Cyprus.

Is the Civil Marriage in Cyprus Legit in Your Home Country?

Cyprus marriages are recognized internationally. This means that unless your country has some special laws for this particular matter, the license you get after the ceremony will be as legally binding as the one you’d have gotten at home. To foreigners, legal requirements of Cyprus marriage might seem too simple. That’s why many wonder about the legality of the procedure.

However, the truth is that getting married in Cyprus truly is that easy. The official ceremony will take 15 minutes max and you’ll be able to move on to enjoying the reception. Many people come here for the informality of beach weddings. Therefore, the simplified legal part ensures you can get the most of your day.

Cyprus weddings are also cheap, compared to many other types of destination weddings. It’s one of the legal requirements that foreigners pay a fee for a marriage in Cyprus. You’ll be able to choose between two options:

  • Marriage in Cyprus by Notice €128.15.
    This is the basic procedure for a civil marriage, but it might be not suitable for foreigners. That’s because the time between your application and actual marriage must be no less than 15 days, but no more than 3 months. It’s also one of the legal requirements for foreigners to reside in Cyprus for at least 20 days.

  • Marriage in Cyprus by Special Procedure €281.90.
    Legal requirements for foreigners in this case are much more convenient. You can get married the same day you make your application, but usually the paperwork takes 2-3 days to come through. There is no mandatory period of residency in this case, so your stay can be as long or short as you want.

Once the ceremony is complete, your new marriage license will be forwarded to your country’s embassy or consulate. All legal paperwork relevant to your marriage in Cyprus is issued in English for all foreigners.

Other than the legal fees for a civil marriage in Cyprus, the cost of your wedding will vary. It will mostly depend on which of the many Cyprus wedding packages you choose. The majority of resorts and hotels offer these and they can be very budget friendly. There are opportunities to have indoor or beach weddings. Cyprus is perfect for the latter option as beaches here are magnificent.

Marriage in Cyprus for Foreigners: Legal Requirements for a Religious Ceremony

A religious wedding ceremony has no binding legal power in Cyprus. This means that for your wedding to be legitimate, the religious part has to be preceded by a civil marriage ceremony. You will need to follow all the same steps as if you were having a civil marriage only. However, you will also need to contact the church of your choice and arrange a ceremony with them.

Note that a Registered Minister of the Church can officiate your wedding instead of a Marriage Officer. This will technically still be a regular civil marriage in Cyprus. But you’ll be able to hold the ceremony in a church. You’ll need to contact the church and the municipality you plan to get married in to learn whether this option is possible for you.

Best Places to Get Married in Cyprus for Foreigners

Due to the simplicity of legal requirements for foreigners to celebrate their marriage in Cyprus, it doesn’t matter which part of the island you choose for the procedure. If you are looking for a 5-star Cyprus hotel to host your destination wedding, you should focus on the southern part of the island. All the most popular luxury resorts are located there.

People who are looking for Cyprus weddings on a budget, can get what they want in the south of the island as well. There are resorts and hotels that offer cheap wedding packages and you get to enjoy beautiful beaches. The northern part of the island is quieter and a good choice for those who are looking to get married away from crowds of tourists.

Marriage in Cyprus for Foreigners: Legal Repercussions for Breaking the Requirements

Please bear in mind that if you break one of the few legal requirements there are, you will be liable to punishment under the Cyprus laws. For example, falsifying your statement regarding previous marriages of current marital status will result in imprisonment.

If you have any additional questions about how to get married in Cyprus as a foreigner, you should contact the embassy or consulate of your own country.