Experience the Best Nightlife on the Island of Cyprus

If you’d prefer to experience what Cyprus has to offer as the night draws in, there are many not to be missed hotspots all across the island where you can make the most of the entertainment the Cypriots have to offer.

Famous for its abundance of nightclubs, Cyprus also caters to those looking for late opening bars and cafes serving food and drink throughout the night. So, whether you’re looking to party, drink, or take in the local cuisine, you’ll find that these Cypriot destinations are the ones which indeed come alive after hours!

Ayia Napa – This is the main clubbing scene on the island and one that rarely needs any introduction! The firm favorite with many age groups, if clubbing is your passion, this is the place to access all of the numerous bars and clubs dotted around this wild resort, with many being referred to as some of the best in the world! With around 80 bars and 12 nightclubs, you’ll always have somewhere new to try during your time in this clubbing central.

Be sure to try: The Castle Club (One of the largest clubs in the whole of Cyprus!)

Limassol – Almost on a level par with Ayia Napa is Limassol, the second largest city on the island. Once as varied as its clubbing counterpart, now it offers a somewhat lower key version of clubbing central! Hosting many clubs and bars, this city also has cafes, sophisticated lounge bars, and cocktail destinations, as well as more causal clubs which all offer opening hours into the early hours of the morning – but at a slightly different pace to suit.

Be sure to try: The 7 Seas Music Venue

Paphos – Again, on a par with Ayia Napa and Limassol, those looking for quality evening entertainment choose Paphos for its collection of vibrant bars, music centers, designated spots, beach hangouts, and karaoke bars. It even has a dedicated Bar Street for revelers to try out! Considered a rather cool nightlife location, the atmospheric harbor area of the city is full of after-hours club promoters offering countless advice, discounts, and recommendations to help you get the best from your evening. Overall, this area of the island offers a more relaxing atmosphere.

Be sure to try: The Rose Pub

Protaras – Not always instantly considered in the same way as Ayia Napa, the Protaras night scene has increased in popularity in recent years, especially when it comes to wedding parties! A considerable majority of tourists like to take both their hen parties and stag parties on this section of the island, utilizing its many bars. With so much entrainment stretched out along the highly energized strip, huge crowds are attracted to the entertainment supplied including karaoke, popular tribute acts, and widescreen TVs. Offering a vast choice of bars and restaurants as well as nightclubs, this is an excellent place for those looking for a slightly more chilled and varied city than merely clubbing central!

Be sure to try: Bell’s Cocktail Bar

Larnaca – With the majority of the nightlife based around this city’s beachfront promenade, there is a robust environment here which is often much of the talk and focal point of the area as thousands of people step into the city’s main international airport each week. With an abundance of well-loved clubs all along a lively strip, there are many stories of some of the most fantastic beach parties being held on this very resort. This has indeed meant that Larnaca has earned a reputation as an extreme party zone, with much redevelopment taking place in recent years!

Be sure to try: The Geometry Club