Outdoor Activities

If you want to admire magnificent nature of the island, you definitely need to enjoy the many outdoor activities in Cyprus. They will make your time here truly unforgettable and also good for health. Here you can explore many hiking trails that will help you discover some spectacular views. If exploring the island on foot isn’t your ideal vacation plan, Cyprus bike rentals offer a great alternative. But most importantly, you should get a shot of adrenaline that comes with bungee jumping. The renowned Napa Bungee offers a 200+ feet fall that is sure to be the highlight of your Cyprus vacation.


Cyprus is renowned as an island with a story to tell at every destination. Therefore, it’s considered a hiker’s heaven! With such a varied selection of paths to choose from, you can start your hike in one environment and end it in a completely different one altogether, such is the diversity of this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Cyprus encourages hikers to explore coastal areas and take in the many areas of natural beauty, alongside walking some of the more historical sites, inner city routes, and even off-grid tracks. There are so many reasons why people return time and time again to walk the island, mainly because there is something new to see each time and so many routes to walk, it would indeed take many years to accomplish each one!

With the promise of glorious sunshine through much of the year and just a gentle breeze as you set off, there are rugged maintained paths, scented paths, slopes, peninsulas and the gentler of landscapes to attempt and nearly all offer guidance in the way of detailed notes about both the walk and its surrounding area. This island is an area of natural beauty and plays host to lone travelers, couples, family groups, friends and even professional walking groups all year round.


Because Cyprus is a stunning island with lots to explore, thousands of tourists like to take to their bikes and discover the great outdoors on two wheels! With considerable popularity of cyclists on the island, there are many designated trails, routes and even guided tours for those to cycle routinely.

Whether you’re a beginner or occasional cycler, a more experienced one, or even a family and larger group wishing to approach the island from a different viewpoint, cycling allows you to take in coastal terrains, mountains, rural and urban areas in quick succession. As the island is free from any strong headwinds, due to its more relaxed climate, cycling throughout Cyprus is a pleasure. The incredible array of districts dotted over the island means you can opt for leisurely cycling or competitive cycling, accessing the designated routes all year round in the process.

From flat routes to steep routes, rocky paths to clay paths, cycling the island allows you to take in the culture and history of the island and see for yourself firsthand the natural element of the many forests, villages, and seafronts up close. With many locations offering cheap and available accommodation on many of the plotted cycle routes, you could even make your time a full cycling vacation.


If you’re seeking the ultimate thrill, there is one permanent bungee jump which all tourists can access on the Cypriot island. Based in the lively resort of Ayia Napa, the Napa Bungee stands at approximately 61 meters, around 200 feet off the ground, and attracts masses of visitors every day. With safety a crucial aspect of the jump, there is a reassurance that two people will test the equipment each time before anyone attempts to make their jump!

Drawing huge crowds each time, bungee jumping is one of the more extreme of sports, but perhaps one of the most popular – and nowhere is this more obvious than on the Napa Bungee. With a knowledgeable and friendly team who have been in charge of the bungee for many years, all visitors are made to feel at ease and thoroughly secured before they decide on whether to make the leap.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to attempt a bungee jump over the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean island, there is a company called Bungee Down Under who operate a crane that allows you to dip your head into the waters as you reach the end of your drop! Though they have no permanent base, they do operate at a few select places over the island.