With crystal blue seas, calm waters, stable winds, mesmerizing temperatures and a coastline which never loses its appeal, the island of Cyprus is a fantastic location for setting sail around. With two bustling marinas, five ports and endless numbers of bays accessible to all visitors, whether you want to sail out on your own and enjoy the beauty or charter a boat with a large group, you’ll find these the most agreeable waters in the Mediterranean.

Being a more diverse island with rich offerings in the way of entertainment, you can dock your vessel throughout your sailing day and fuel up on the local cuisine and then set sail out again. Hunt out those nooks and crannies amidst the coves, beaches, and finally that deserted stretch of water where there’s no one to been seen for miles.

Stop out in the clear blue sea and have a swim, grab a fishing rod and see what fish you can catch, or merely sit back and watch the varied marine life swim around your boat. Whatever your idea of a great sailing day is, Cyprus waters allow you to make it as diverse and active as possible – or as relaxing and shut off from the rest of the island as you prefer.