The Best Places for Sightseers on the Island of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has many places of interest to offer sightseers. Though it has a considerable party island reputation, what many people may be surprised to learn is that it also boasts some of the most stunning monuments, ruins steeped in history and little treasures of places where you’re bound to discover something new each time you visit!

With a dramatic history dating back thousands of years, if you’re looking to turn your next trip to Cyprus into an enviable sightseeing one, here are a selection of places you won’t want to miss.

Natural Attractions

Adonis Baths Waterfalls – Located in Kili, Paphos, this most stunning area of Cyprus is laced with the Greek Mythology of Adonis and Aphrodite. The waterfall is claimed to strengthen men’s physical stature while preserving the youth of all women who bathe in its waters!

Mavrokolympos Dam Once again in Paphos, this dam was built in 1966 above the Mavrokolympos River. A bird watching point, the lake is plentiful with fish and the area around it encourages flocks of local goats and sheep.

Troodos Geopark – Located in the beautiful Troodos Mountains lays a Geopark which boasts a Botanical Garden offering information about the broader area, its people, its former mining life and the various fauna surrounding it.

Larnaca Salt Lake – A protected habitat, this is one of the largest of salt lakes in Cyprus. A critical conservation place for Europe’s waterfowl, thousands of migrating birds stop here, such as the Greater Flamingo, to feed offering sightseers a stunning display in the meantime.

The Medieval Walls of Nicosia – These formidable walls were built in the 16th century by mud brick and stone and tell many tales of their own regarding the Venetian occupation of Cyprus, and long after that. Circular in shape, they have a circumference of around 5km and now serve as many different uses all over the city.

Historical Attractions

Kantara Castle – To be found in the occupied part of Trikomo Village in Famagusta, Kantara Castle has references back to 1191 and a substantial historical background. It continues to present a formidable presence with its structure on rocky peaks.

Buffavento Castle – Found in Kyrenia, this Castle was built towards the end of the 11th century during a period of great importance regarding Cyprus’ military and political importance. Standing proudly at the top of the mountain, it is 954 meters above the surface of the sea.

Tombs of The Kings – An archaeological site found at Paphos, this is believed to be a final resting place for Cyprus royalty and certainly offers a sense of remembrance as you walk amongst it. With its tombs and burial chambers often mirroring the houses of the living, visitors can spot many similarities between these and the monuments found in Alexandria Egypt.

Othello Castle – Located in the occupied Ammochostos district of Cyprus, this original building dates back to the 14th century. More popular is its connection to Shakespeare with the Bard supposedly taking the name for his most crucial play Othello from this very place. 

Cyprus Medieval Museum – For those looking to determine the island’s past, a trip to this museum enables you to travel back in time and delve into the island’s rich and fascinating history. Housed in a 13th century castle, visitors can sample the islands ancient history and its religious life here, even experiencing what life was like when the castle was used as an actual prison during the 1940’s!

St. Nicolas of The Cats – A well-known sanctuary based in Limassol, this is a former monastery dating back to the 14th century which is now home to thousands of cats which live around the premises. With a handful of nuns left in its quarters, it is open to the public all year round and free of charge.

Cultural Attractions

State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art – To be found in the town of Nicosia, this is home to a permanent collection of Cyprus state collections of Art. With an artist’s archive and art library many publications, photographs and exhibitions can be located here.

The Cyprus Wine Museum – Located in Limassol, this museum offers a history of Cyprus wine-making alongside an exhibition, including archaeological finds and shrines relating to the nectar of the Gods. It also provides current day information on how to store, use and trade wine, highlighting essential vine information along the way.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue – For the animal lover, a trip to this rescue center offers a chance to help out with the many dogs and cats that are continually abandoned on the island. With the opportunity to walk, clean out and even sponsor a lucky dog or cat here this center has animal welfare at the fore of its work and appreciates all visitors who offer a helping hand!

Sightseeing Boat Trips – If you’re looking for the best views of Cyprus both above and below sea level, then a discovery sightseeing boat trip from Protaras is a great way to spend the day. With a two-level boat to take in the breath-taking scenery and an ability to swim or snorkel at several stops, this is a great way to see Cyprus at its best.

Golden Beach – If you want a take on the beauty of a Cyrus beach while teaming it with a host of walks and dunes, the Golden Beach in Dipkarpaz may be just the place for you. Unlike the more commercial of beaches on the island, this isn’t served by food and drink vendors but offers glistening sands to relax on completely.

Commandaria The Wine of The Kings – Claimed to have been introduced by the crusader and produced on the island since 1,000 BC at least, Commandaria is thought to be the oldest wine which is still in production. With a protection order that means only 14 villages are allowed to produce this wine, sightseers that are ardent wine fans can visit four wineries on this stop.

Cyprus Has a Little Something to Offer Everyone

As you can see from these most popular sightseeing destinations, there is something for every type of visitor preference on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. With almost every taste catered for, you’re bound to find something that takes your breath away and holds your interest during your stay here.