Spectacular Cyprus Dive Sites You Definitely Have to Visit

Posted in Activities, Sightseeings on October 27th, 2018

Cyprus dive sites are numerous and versatile. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better destination for scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Everyone can have a fantastic underwater adventure here as there are sites for all levels of divers. And if you are a complete novice, there are many places where you can learn to scuba dive.

Best Cyprus Dive Sites You Cannot Miss

  1. Best of Larnaca Diving: Zenobia Wreck

There are a few beautiful underwater sites you can explore around Larnaca. But nothing compares to the Zenobia Wreck. It’s one of the top 10 wreck diving destinations in the world. MS Zenobia sank in 1980 and since then it became one of the main tourist attractions in Cyprus.

Bear in mind that exploring Zenobia is an adventure fit for advanced divers only. You might need to take a few additional diving lessons even if your skill is quite high. It’s always best to be safe and prepared for the challenging but rewarding experience.

  1. Limassol Diving: Lady Thetis, Constandis Fishing Boat, Jubilee Shoals

Limassol offers some of the best Cyprus dive sites for everyone regardless of their skill level. Those who are more advanced will be able to enjoy the airplane crash site and rich marine life of the Jubilee Shoals. You’ll be able to submerge 200+ feet with excellent visibility there.

Lady Thetis shipwreck is part of one of the must-visit Cyprus dive sites, which is the Underwater Sea Park of Limassol. You’ll need to have the open water diving certificate to explore this particular wreck.

Constandis fishing boat wreck is right nearby Lady Thetis because both ships were sunken here on purpose. It offers a great opportunity to see how the sea slowly claims every object that becomes a part of it. The marine species you can see around these wrecks include Groupers, damselfish, and breams.

  1. Diving in Akamas: Devil’s Head, George’s Wall

Akamas offers some of the best Cyprus dive sites for those who want to witness the natural diversity of marine life. The highlight of the area is Devil’s Head, which is a site that combines caves and tunnels. The beautiful natural rock structures are full of colorful marine animals and plants. Some of the caves go about 11 meters deep.

George’s Wall is located near the Akamas Marine Reserve. It’s a place where even beginner divers can enjoy themselves and see some beautiful underwater species. The marine life is rich in the area and you can see it well because the visibility is great on this site.

  1. Protaras Diving: Green Bay

Some Cyprus diving sites are archaeological sites as well, and Green Bay near Protaras is one of them. The clear emerald waters that gave the bay its name make your underwater adventure in this area truly special.

The visibility in Green Bay isn’t great, but it’s good enough to enjoy the experience. If you are only on your first scuba diving course, this site will be perfect for you. The waters here are calm and beginners can get a good feel of what it’s like to be underwater. Note that you’ll need the open water diving qualification to access this site.

  1. Diving in Paphos: Amphorae Caves, Manijin Island, White River

Paphos is not only one of the most popular Cyprus holiday destinations. It’s also one of the best places to learn to scuba dive. And if you already are a PADI divemaster, you will be able to enjoy exploring many of the most interesting sites Cyprus has to offer.

White River is where the beginners should go to. It’s a place to see some natural underwater beauties, including canyons full of damselfish, shoals, octopi, and sea turtles.

Amphorae Caves are for the divers who love to explore caves and tunnels. One of those has a roof encrusted by amphorae. It’s a place of note for archaeologists and is believed to date back 2000 years.

Manijin Island is one of the most popular Cyprus dive sites. It gives you a chance to explore beautiful caves and tunnels with unique natural formations of calciferous algae. If you are looking for a burst of color underwater, this is the place to go.

  1. Ayia Napa Diving: The Caves, The Canyon

Ayia Napa is the Cyprus holiday destination for the most adventurous, and this includes divers as well. Both The Caves and The Canyon require advanced scuba diving skill to explore. However, both sites shouldn’t be missed, so consider taking more diving lessons to be able to see them.

The Caves are exactly that. These underwater formations are dark and spectacular in their beauty. Submerging here will be very different from your regular dives. There isn’t much in the way of marine life or color here, but there never are many such things inside caves.

The Canyon, on the other hand, is a spectacular example of how rich the marine life can be. You can access this dive from the shore and marvel at the multicolored algae and little sea creatures. Note that this dive is for experienced pros because it’s very difficult to navigate. Even if you are a great diver, be sure to submerge here while well-rested and full of energy. You’ll need every ounce of it.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus: Final Words

There are dozens of beautiful Cyprus dive sites you can explore at every step of your journey from a beginner to professional. Multiple scuba diving courses and personal training opportunities ensure that everyone can learn. The prices are reasonable and Cyprus diving destinations will definitely keep you motivated to improve.

You can buy or rent diving gear in any major tourist spot on the island. The majority of organizations that offer training and boat rides to dive sites can provide you with the necessary equipment.