Tips for Accessing Some of the Best Remote Places in the World

Posted in Travel Tips on August 16th, 2018

If you fancy getting away from it all and taking a break in a destination that isn’t a popular tourist destination and isn’t full of people eagerly snapping away with cameras and mobile phones, you may want to consider a more remote holiday destination!

If it’s breathing space that you’re after, but still want to be able to reach your destination with ease, why not consider traveling to a more remote location than usual? If you really want to find a place that offers perfect solitude, there are some fantastic and entirely isolated places in the world which will instantly recharge those batteries, proving it’s still possible to shut off from it all – even in the twenty-first century!

Why Not Try a Remote Island?

If you want to experience nature at its best but in a place where there’s a sparse population, why not consider an island destination? The Faroe Islands in Denmark may not seem an instant tourist attraction, but for the more remote of traveling intentions, they offer a chance to get away from it all and investigate the entire islands under the watchful eyes of the local birds and farming and wildlife animals, which probably outnumbers the little population!

If you really want a remote island, then the Shetland Islands fits the bill even better here and is described by many as the edge of the world! Though some residents do remain on the island, it’s possible to spend your entire trip people free here, taking in the rich sea air and some fantastic views instead!

Why Not Try a Remote Beach?

If sand and sea are more your things, but you still want to escape the crowds, why not opt for a long stretch of beach where you can walk the entire distance without encountering anyone and then place your blanket down and claim the area as your own for the duration of your stay?

Sylt in Germany is one of those beaches where out of season this quaint island plays host to just the odd grey seal, with no human in sight! A most unusual area, it’s the perfect destination for rediscovering yourself.

If it’s a more remote area with a warmer climate to match what you’re after you could always head to the Caribbean, namely that of Montserrat. With glorious beaches, crystal blue seas and forest backdrops, this area sees very few tourists after its volcanic eruption in 1997. However, this thoroughly calm destination is now a remote haven!