Tips for Packing the Most Essential Digital Backpack Items

Posted in Travel Tips on August 31st, 2018

If you are undertaking a series of adventures and intend on only taking a backpack with you, you may be wondering what the most essential items you’ll need to pack to ensure a great trip. 

Alongside the more obvious of items such as clothing and toiletries, these days, the average backpack requires a lot more besides. If you are traveling with just a backpack for company, here are some useful items that are perfect for a small-scale budget but will ultimately make all the difference.

International Adapters: A must if you find yourself spending copious amounts of money buying plugs in airports! These handy devices are a must have if you’re traveling to a different country which you know will require a different plug than what your electronic devices currently use at home. PowerCubes are great models for this, especially if you have a few electrical products to take.

Memory Cards/Hard Drives/USB Sticks: If you take many photos during your travels, you’ll no doubt have some point experienced those dreaded words on the screen, memory full! Though it’s always advisable to back up to the cloud, if you’re in the middle of nowhere with no internet access, this isn’t possible. Prevent this easily by taking plentiful memory disk cards or even a small hard drive so you can continue to get that perfect shot each time and not run out of space.

Phone Chargers: No one wants to see their phones die while traveling but sometimes, no matter how much you charge your phone before heading out, there’s an inevitable day when your power-hungry phone tells you it’s running out of juice at the worst moment! Power banks are perfect for this reason as they are small enough to carry but powerful enough to give you enough juice to see you through until the end of the day.

Security Locks: With all of these technological solutions, and visible myriads of expensive gadgets, you’ll want to ensure that your stuff is kept secure throughout your travels. Whether you are staying at a place where you require additional security, or you want to secure your luggage and bags on the move, a good quality combination padlock is a study solution and doesn’t need you to carry keys around to access it. If you stay in many hostels and aren’t overly keen on their security lockers, these items are an added reassurance when you leave your stuff behind.