Tips for Traveling to Find That Creative Surge of Inspiration

Posted in Travel Tips on August 25th, 2018

If you’re a writer, an artist, or a creative type of person, you’ll no doubt understand the value of a change of scenery when it comes to evoking inspiration! Traveling as a creative person opens up many opportunities and brings about a wealth of discoveries, more so if you get the right destination which enhances your passion each time.

If you’ve come unstuck and need to kick-start to fire up those creative juices once again, why not consider traveling to a destination that will open up your creative flow once more and provide the backdrop to some inspirational surges?

Tips for Writers and Artists When Travelling

For the writer and artist alike, the travel itself is enough to provide a wealth of material, and that’s before you’ve even got to your intended destination! Why not rethink how you are going to reach your chosen country or accommodation and make the most of the time spent traveling as well?

Instead of booking the most direct route, why not see if you could perhaps combine it with a couple of modes of transport, possibly taking in some cities or places of interest along the way and even one or two stop-offs along the way?

If your destination can be reached by road, could you take a coach trip with like-minded people, and then perhaps catch a train the rest of the way, taking in the passing scenery at a much more sedentary pace? If you have to catch a flight, can you divert to another airport instead and find an alternative way to travel from there?

Too often we dismiss traveling to a destination as an inconvenience on our time, but if you rethink this concept and plan wisely, you’ll be able to gain so much more before you’ve even reached the place where you’ll be staying!

Tips for Writers and Artists When Arriving

When you get to your intended accommodation, why not mix up your usual routine and spend the time working to an entirely new method instead? Therefore, if you live a busy and hectic life, stop for the week and see where the day and mood take you. If you write or paint indoors, aim to do so outside instead.

If you’re usually a more solitary figure, try to experience a busier place and if you thrive in busy places, try spending a few days on your own. The same applies to food, drinks, and other everyday activities.