Tips for Travelling and Packing for the Long Term

Posted in Travel Tips on September 5th, 2018

There’s so much talk of getting your backpack or luggage packed for a week or two at the most, but never as much when it comes to those opting to travel long term. If you’re lucky to be able to undertake a trip which lasts considerably more than a couple of weeks, how you decide to pack and what you settle on taking will be entirely different.

Here are a few tips to help you make the transition from packing for a short break to packing for a more extended traveling experience:

  • Think Backpack Rather than Suitcase: For a more extended trip, a large backpack is the more practical, studier, and indeed more comfortable of bag choices. It allows you to throw your belongings in quickly and walk for that longer of distances while remaining strapped securely to your back in the process. Look for the more accessible of backpacks, especially those that allow you to form a packing system of some sort. It’s also hugely beneficial to have one which has a rain cover which is easy to operate but which also protects your belongings.

  • Add an Essential Day Bag: Complement your larger backpack with a smaller one which can accompany you on those day trips when you don’t need a full-sized bag. These are great for taking on buses and planes and can act as a carry on to store those essentials you don’t want to leave behind for the day.

  • Take Practical Clothing: Steer clear from white clothing items as they do not fare well when traveling! Darker clothes and those that are less maintenance are great for the long term as they do not show up the dirt that you will inevitably encounter on the way. They will also allow you extra days of wear when you can’t quite make it to a laundry service of any sort!

  • Consider a Travel Vacuum Bag: This can separate those dirty clothes from your clean ones while reducing the space in your bag and making it a simple task for when you do find a place to clean your clothes. A plastic bag will need replacing too many times when doing this job, so a dedicated laundry bag is more practical and will last the distance.

  • Roll your clothes away: Not only does rolling the clothes in your bag make more room, but it also reduces the creases that you get when folding.