Tips for Travelling with a Travel Journal

Posted in Travel Tips on November 2nd, 2018

If you’re looking to capture your traveling in a rather unique way and don’t want to rely on a physical collection of endless amounts of photographs, souvenirs or collections of postcards, a travel journal could be your perfect companion.

With journals of every kind becoming extremely popular over the last few years alone, what better way than to look back with fond memories on your time traveling. This is the place where you can write freely, place anything of interest in between its pages and keep as a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

What to Include in Your Travel Journal

Visual Memories: This isn’t limited to simple photos which you print off when you get home, the potential here is to include all sorts of photographic memories such as leaflets, postcards, magazines and even physical items relevant to the country you have visited. You could also add receipts, paperwork, travel tickets and passes, maps, and itineraries. Anything visual which instantly transports you back is a perfect addition.

Sketches: It doesn’t matter how artistic or not you are, this is your private journal and therefore any little design that you feel the urge to doodle during your travels will add that more personal touch to your travel journal. This is where you can draw and capture something which takes your interest but which you didn’t quite get a photo of, or perhaps helps you retell a few lines of story you want to jot down as you move around.

Personal Thoughts: As this is a journal, you will want to capture on paper your thoughts and feeling as you make your way through your designated cities and countries – and this is where you can record them and reflect back on them nostalgically many years later! Be as open about yourself and your feelings as you travel, and you will be able to learn so much more about yourself as a person as you do. This is also a great record to pick up many years later and share with the next generation and it may even rekindle your traveling urges when you really need it!

Networking: By noting down names and numbers of people that you meet and make friends with as you travel, you can also use your travel journal to continue communicating with them once your return home. This allows you to get back in touch and remember the fun you had during your traveling time and share those same memories with the wonderful people you met on the way.