Travel Guide to Cyprus: Quiet Beaches in Every Flavor

Posted in Beaches, Places on September 16th, 2018

During your holiday to Cyprus, quiet beaches will be easy to find. You simply need to step off the beaten path that the majority of tourists around you are going. Meeting the locals can also help you find the true gems hidden along the coastline. However, you don’t need to look for truly reclusive spots that are very hard to get to. A few of the beaches located not far from popular Cyprus holiday resorts are reasonably quiet. Those are the places that don’t have water playground and more boisterous activities, like banana-boat rides.

8 Best Quiet Beaches in Cyprus: Enjoy Your Time Without the Crowds

  1. Sirena Bay, Protaras

Protaras houses some of the best Cyprus holiday resorts for families. Sirena Bay is a beach next to a restaurant of the same name. It’s quiet, nice, pleasant, and a good choice for families with small kids who love to play in shallow water. You can also enjoy a meal right here.

The beach is small and doesn’t have much in the term of amenities. Note that this means no lifeguard on duty, so you have to watch the kids very closely. The beach will get busier during the high season. However, considering its convenient location, it still remains one of the most peaceful options in the area.

  1. Paramali Beach, Limassol

Paramali is one of the quiet beaches of Cyprus because it attracts a very specific type of crowd. It’s the most popular spot for kitesurfers of the island. There is even a school for that located right near the beach. Strong winds make this place perfect for those who seek an adrenalin rush.

However, this beach is open to everyone. This means that you don’t have to be a kitesurfer to enjoy the crystal clear water and a narrow stretch of soft sand. Those seeking their beloved sport won’t get in the way of your beach time in the slightest. In fact, watching them practicing is very interesting and might motivate you to join.

  1. Lara Bay Beach, Paphos

Lara Bay is not only one of the most beautiful quiet beaches in Cyprus. It’s also the home of Lara Bay Turtle Conservation. This means you’ll have to follow guidelines and be careful not to disrupt the wildlife while enjoying your time on the beach.

This is sure to be a grand adventure because Lara bay is one of the few places on Cyprus that looks barely touched by the hand of man. This is definitely one of the most beautiful natural spots on the island. The sandy beach is just a bonus.

  1. Faros Beach, Larnaca

Larnaca is one of the best places to stay in Cyprus because it offers plenty of entertainment. Some of the best Cyprus hotels and resorts are also located there, but because of this the beaches in the city are very busy. Faros Beach is located a bit away from the hustle and bustle and you’ll feel it immediately. On weekdays, the beach can be nearly deserted.

There are all amenities you might need and the water is clear. The sandy beach is clean and easy to reach. It’s also a good place for kids. Note that on weekends many of the local residents come to this beach, so it gets fairly busy.

  1. Glapsides Beach, Famagusta

Glapsides is one of the quiet Cyprus beaches because it’s out of the way of major tourist traffic. It’s a child-friendly beach with clear water and soft sand. There is a cheap café nearby and the prices for renting umbrellas and sunbeds are low.

The beach is clean and nearly empty in the mornings and later in the day. The water is shallow near the shore, so it’s a perfect place for kids to play.

  1. Tpoulorotsos Beach, Pomos

All beaches in Pomos are among the quiet beaches in Cyprus. However, Tpoulorotsos stands out even there. This place is nearly wild, so there aren’t many amenities. However, the atmosphere here is tranquil and relaxing. The views are so spectacular they alone make a visit worthwhile.

This beach is the best place for couples who are looking to relax. It can be a bit uncomfortable with small children, unless you are raising them to be truly one with nature.

  1. Asprokremnos Beach, Latchi

Asprokremnos Beach is a bit tricky to find, that’s why it’s one of the few quiet Cyprus beaches that still remain. It’s big and sandy, and overall amazing. The water shines like crystals and the place is clean and peaceful.

Note that all beaches around Latchi have rocks, so you’ll need sturdy shoes to walk there comfortably. This one has more sand than most, but you’ll have to cross over some sharp hot rocks to reach it. The beach has all essential amenities, including a lifeguard.

  1. Kapparis Beach, Protaras

Kapparis is often overlooked in the search of Cyprus’ quiet beaches. However, it’s a great place that has relatively few tourists. With some popular Cyprus hotels and resorts around, the beach gets somewhat lost in their ambiance. That’s exactly what makes it a good place for finding a bit of peace and quiet.

The Kapparis Beach has all facilities within easy reach and it’s very well-kept. The view of the bay is gorgeous. The best hours for the visit are early morning or late afternoon as it’s the least crowded then.

Top Quiet Beaches for Cyprus Holidays: Final Words

The beaches listed here are some of the most relaxing and quiet places on the island so popular with tourists. However, they do fill up during the high season. If you are looking for something truly reclusive, you should take a ride along the coast. In fact, a hike will be better as some of the nicest nooks can’t be reached by roads.

Cyprus all-inclusive resorts and hotels also have some very nice and often quiet beaches. Research this particular matter when choosing your Cyprus holiday destination.