What Is the Cheapest Time to Go to Cyprus?

Posted in Money Matters on September 19th, 2018

The cheapest time to go to Cyprus is winter. It’s closely followed by early spring and late autumn. They say the best time to come to Cyprus is May-September. However, the ‘best’ is a relative term here because the weather on the island is always warm and pleasant. Cyprus has the warmest climate in the EU, with Limassol the warmest city. And if you plan your trip right, you’ll be able to enjoy cheap Cyprus holidays regardless of the season.

Cheapest Time to Go to Cyprus: Pick the Right Season for You

June-August is the peak season on the island, and in many places, prices go up May-October. Winter is the cheapest season for Cyprus holidays, but this time of year has the most rain. The temperature doesn’t fall by much. The is average 15-17ºC during the day and 6-9 ºC at night during the coldest part of the year.

The sea surrounding the island is warm, so you should be able to swim from mid-April to late October. This means that the cheapest time to go to Cyprus that actually allows you to get the full experience of a beach vacation is late spring or early autumn. Note that not only will you be able to cut down the holiday costs to the minimum if you choose these months. You will also be able to enjoy a peaceful trip.

Cyprus is a very popular holiday destination, especially for families. Therefore, it gets extremely busy during the high season. If you want some peace and quiet, come during the time when the majority of adults and kids aren’t on vacation.

Note that prices at Cyprus hotels and resorts can go up during the off-season periods as well. This happens during traditional school holidays and various festivals that attract more visitors. If you are looking for the cheapest time to go to Cyprus, make sure there are no events, either local or international, that can push the prices up.

Why Is There a Difference in Prices for Cyprus Holidays Depending on the Season?

Many tourists dislike the big difference in seasonal prices. However, the economy of the entire country is built on this industry. The majority of people who live in Cyprus are only able to make money during the high season. Therefore, they have no choice but to raise prices as they have to make enough to last their families until next year. This situation is the same for all seasonal holiday destinations.

On the good side, the few tourists who arrive off-season are treasured. You might see remarkably improved service during these times. It’s not only because you bring in the money, but also because the traffic isn’t as extreme. Coming during the low season allows you to enjoy all the things that high-season tourists do and more. You can get to any attraction without being stuck in lines and crowds. That seems like a fair price to pay for a few rainy days.

Bear in mind that the cheapest time to go to Cyprus can also be the one most health-friendly. If you are sensitive to heat, summer on the island will be stressful as temperatures stick to 35-40ºC and higher. The most pleasantly cool yet relatively dry months are March, April, and October.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Your chances of getting a cheap holiday in Cyprus largely depend on your ability to book a cheap flight. In fact, if you manage to get a low-cost ticket and one of the all-inclusive Cyprus hotel deals, even a summer holiday can be budget-friendly.

However, finding cheap airline tickets to Cyprus is very difficult. Only if you are incredibly lucky you might happen on a rare last-minute cancellation. Even during the cheapest time to go to Cyprus, the flight will be one of your biggest expenses.

The best way to deal with this issue is to book at least three months in advance. You should do your best to book six months ahead to secure the best rates. You should also use a cheap flights finder service, like Skyscanner to find the best offers.

3 Tips for Cheap Holidays in Cyprus in Any Season

Planning your holiday for the cheapest time to go to Cyprus is wise. However, not everyone can do this due to their jobs and inflexible vacation time. However, you can enjoy a Cyprus holiday on a budget in any season if you organize it the right way.

  1. Find all-inclusive package deals from Cyprus hotels and resorts.
    All-inclusive deals are very popular today and that’s because they are cheap. They are also a good choice for those who don’t have the time to develop a good itinerary. Many deals include excursions and various fun activities for families and couples. Cyprus wedding packages even include the services of a wedding planner and decorations.

  2. Stay on the north of the island.
    The north of Cyprus mostly consists of small villages. They have lower prices for accommodation, entertainment, and food. This is also the more peaceful part of the island. And if you come here during the cheapest time to go to Cyprus, you’ll be able to enjoy skiing in the mountains.

  3. Get around on a bike.
    Plan your Cyprus holiday in a way that will allow you not to rent a car. The rental prices are high, and it’s nearly impossible to get a good ride without advance booking during the high-season.

What’s the Best Time to Go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus depends on what you want to do here. If you are looking to party and spend time on hot beaches, May-September will be right for you. The hottest season is in the summer, but also the most expensive.

If you want to relax and enjoy the views and landmarks, winter is a good choice. As it’s the cheapest time to go to Cyprus, you’ll be able to enjoy high-class living even when your budget isn’t big.